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PriMed Non-human Primate Model of Osteoporosis

Morbidity of osteoporosisis increasing with age. Osteoporosis can be found in old NHPs and can also be induced by ovariectomy. The non-human primate model, permitting both repeated biopsies, bleeding and multiple imaging studies, provides new opportunities to understand the pathogenesis as well as to examine in detail both the progression of the disease and its response to new therapeutic agents. PriMed Shines has both spontaneous osteoporosis in old female monkeys and OVX induced osteoporosis monkey models.

Primed Osteoporosis NHP Capability:

-- Spontaneous osteoporosis in old female rhesus monkeys.
-- Bilateral ovariectomy (OVX) induce destrogen deficient bone loss in adult rhesus monkeys.
-- DEXA for bone mineral density(BMD).
-- Bone histomorphometry.
-- Bone turnover biomarkers and hormones.
-- PK/PD and safety profiling.

Frequently Used Readouts

-- Hormone (PHT1-84, 25(OH)D, E2)
-- Biomarkers of bone absorption (Urine NTX, serum TRACP 5b, serum CTX)
-- Biomarkers of bone formation (serum OST, serum BAP)
-- Serum Ca, P, hematology and biochemical analysis
-- Bone densitometry of lumbar vertebrae and bilateral femoral neck
-- Lymphocyte subsets analysis
-- Bone histomorphometry

Benchmark Study:

-- Zoledronic acid and Denosumabhave been validated with our osteoporosis NHP models
-- Transfusion in consciouswell-trained monkeys for over 30 minutes.
-- DEXA used to quantify bone mineral density.
-- Bone turnover biomarkers/hormones.
-- Bone histomorphometry.

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