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Primed Spontaneous Hypertension Non-human Primate Capability

Essential or primary hypertension is common in both human and non-human primates (~ 67% of middle aged adults). Spontaneous (non-experimentally-induced) hypertension in adult NHPs is extraordinarily similar to hypertension in humans (per AHA JNC7 defined categories). NHPs represent the optimal hypertensive animal model for therapies testing and for drug development.

-- Well established non-invasive blood pressure measurement in monkeys.
-- Instrument: Dinamap Blood Pressure Monitor (GE Pro 100v2).
-- Cuff placed on upper arm of monkeys while lying flat in supine position.
-- BP obtained after ketamine anesthesia.
-- At least 3 measurements taken same time at different days.
-- Established normal blood pressure range in NHPs from ~400 monkeys blood pressure data.
-- ~70 hypertensive rhesus macaques have been diagnosed.
-- Parameters: Systolic BP, Diastolic BP, Mean BP, Heart rate.

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