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Sichuan PriMed Shines Bio-tech Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chengdu, China, is a Non-human Primate CRO with extensive research experiences of 12 years (2005-2017). PriMed Shines provides highest service to our clients in our 400,000 ft2 fully AAALAC accredited facilities.
NHP facility
PriMed’s Monkey animal facility is about 40,000 ft2 accredited animal facility.

Over 3000 rhesus macaques, 400 cynomolgus monkeys

Research Colony : 1500 dysmetabolic mature adults (10-22 yrs.)

All stages of metabolic disease

>5 years’ longitudinal research-quality data—including:

-- Blood biochemistry once every 6 months

-- Food intake (daily) & body weight (monthly)

-- Imaging examination at least once a year: eye, heart, liver and kidney

-- Plasma and tissue (necropsy and biopsy) biobank

World-class AAALAC accredited NHP research facilities with excellent animal care

Monkey Care and Tending

Individual cages (AAALAC accredited sizes and program/facilities)

Extensive environmental enrichment program

Excellent husbandry and a consistently caring environment produced by the dedicated research team are key

Lab Diet PriMed Monkey Chow

Monkey Snacks

Principle of choosing snacks: food that chose as snacks are those 99% monkeys would love to eat.

Email : bd@scprimed.com


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Tel:+1-517-388-6508 (in US)
Tel : +86 (28) 8592-1823 (outside of China) 

Fax : +86-28-62491302

Zip code : 610041

Address: No.88, Keyuan South Road, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China