Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis(NASH) in Western Diet-induced Nonhuman Primates: Optical Model for Pharmaceutical Proof of Concept and Detailed Efficacy Evaluation

Obese and dysmetabolic NHPs develop hepatic pathology with characteristics of NASH. The NHP model, permitting both repeated liver biopsies and multiple imaging studies, provides new opportunities to understand the pathogenesis as well as to examine in detail (with sequential repeated liver biopsies and longitudinal metabolic biomarkers) both the progression of the disease and its response to new therapeutic agents. 
Using our unique obese and dysmetabolic NHPs we developed ultrasonography, Dual Energy CT and MRI methods for noninvasive measurement of hepatic steatosis and other pathologic changes in correlation with multiple metabolic disorders and liver fibrosis biomarkers.

PriMed Shines NASH NHP Capability

-- Breeding center: n=~3000 rhesus macaques (macaca mulatta)
-- Set up 70 NASH rhesus macaques database, with more than 30 mokeys in Fibrosis Stage 2 or above.
-- Advanced imaging technology for all disease models
-- Extensive Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash Dual Energy CT, MRI examination experience for monkey liver fat content quantification.
-- Ultrasound-guided Biopsy
-- Senior consultant has 30+ years of experience in pathology (ACVP from1989)
-- Targets of GLP-1 and FXR have been validated with our models.

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